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The Motto "They run the Executive you concentrate on your work" In order to do this Executive Suites usually provide Furnished Executive Suites for 2 to 25 people, offering immediate occupancy, no long term lease obligations and are wired with both Internet and phone. The majority of Executive Suites provide reception services, access to various sizes of conference rooms and a Executive pantry. There are typically Three charges that comprise the majority of your monthly bill. They are the "Base Rent" - the amount you pay for use of the Suites and the "Technology Charge" - the amount you pay for your Internet connection and use of the telephone system* Technology Charge does not include the cost of phone calls your make. The remaining part of your bill will include any services that you may have utilized during the month i.e. Conference Room Time, Photocopies, Postage - this is referred to as "A La Cart Services", pay as you use. Duluth Executive Suites

The Term Duluth Executive Suites

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The chart below shows some of the differences between Executive Suites and Traditional Executive Suites

Amenity Duluth Executive Suites Traditional Executive
Furnished Yes No
Wired for Internet Yes No
Wired for Phone Yes No
Lease Term 1 Day - 3 Years 5 Years - 20 Years
Conference Room Executive with others Not Executive with others
Receptionist Yes Budget Permitting
Ability to Expand / Downsize Yes No
A more detailed discussion on the cost comparisons is located at - Executive Cost Comparison

Supplemental information on the costs associated with an Executive Suites can also be found on Duluth Executive Suites Monthly Costs.
Additional information on the basic amenities offered can be found on Duluth Executive Suites Amenities

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